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Default Can inquisitors resurrect Demons in "The Legend"?

I'm playing mage and am trying to put as many demon units as possible in my final troop, since I have Demetrius (-20% to the Leadership of Demons) and is planning to marry Xeona (+1 to the Morale of Demons)

I heard Archdemon is a lv5 unit, which can't be resurrected by a mage spell.
Is this correct?

I won't have enough runes to invest in "Tolerance".
What are some good units that can work with a demon party without getting their morale decreased? Perhaps Emerald Dragons?

Q3) Can inquisitors resurrect Demons? And do their morale not affected by demons even without the mind skills?

I can't find any demon units being sold in chapter 1. So I can't really test these out by myself at this moment. Please help me.
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