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Originally Posted by philabong2 View Post
Saitek AV8R-03 (for ps3 and PC)

Deadzone - no problem since the patch- didnt even try to customize cause it was fine

Assigned buttons - Buttons locations is one of the downside of this stick. I did a mod on it to relocate the map and flap controls closer to the throttle. Evrything else works fine (exept the zoom...)

Hat switch - works prefecly. Needs a little gettin used to cause its doesnt have the same feel as the joystick on the pad but its pretty good imo

Other - the other big dowside is the twisting action of the stick for rudder control - this is the only thing that i trully hate about this thing - might try to do another mod where i would add a pedal bar...

So unless u dont care about doin mods to ur gear at the risk of having to buy another cause u broke it, the AV8R-03 is the stick for u lol
Hello Philabong2, I have an AV8R-03 for PS-3. How do I get the patch to calibrate the deadzone on a PS-3? It's very erratic when firing guns.
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