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Originally Posted by karabaja View Post
if you manage to find Shield of Rekross & Eye of the Dragon (gift bag item) plus some items that give fire resistance in a single game, like i did in my last one, then almost any unit is good against dragons
it turns dragons den on Montero with around 100 dragons or so on impossible, from one of the toughest battles into easy one
¿¿100 dragons?? thats a really hard hard battle ¿sure? i only remember around around 60-70 on the montero dragon den. 20 black dragons in only 1 stack, for example is a really tough match -.-. I was using ogres then, and with only 10 ogres (as i remember) and the rage skill, i killed a stack of 6 black dragons in only 1 hit xD (but i think it was a critical hit). I really dont needed fire protection. I think the more level 5 troops u have, the more easy is the battle against dragons. I cant remember the last time i played with level < 5 troops, but high dragon stacks is not a threat for me anymore xD.
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