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Originally Posted by N3MES1S View Post
¿¿100 dragons?? thats a really hard hard battle ¿sure? i only remember around around 60-70 on the montero dragon den. 20 black dragons in only 1 stack, for example is a really tough match -.-. I was using ogres then, and with only 10 ogres (as i remember) and the rage skill, i killed a stack of 6 black dragons in only 1 hit xD (but i think it was a critical hit). I really dont needed fire protection. I think the more level 5 troops u have, the more easy is the battle against dragons. I cant remember the last time i played with level < 5 troops, but high dragon stacks is not a threat for me anymore xD.
well, i didn't count 'em precisely, but as i remember there was 26 black, 19 red and 17 green all in one stack plus some minor red and green stacks.
i'm pretty sure that before battle i had less than 40 dragons killed, and after battle dragon medal showed 136! i was amazed myself when i saw how big number is.
since i had items that i mentioned before, i used my standard formation: knights, paladins, archmages and droids. it was a no loss battle
i love to do no loss battles so i avoid lvl 5 units, especially in late game.
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