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Hi wannebe,

I have bought 3 Saitek products so far...

The cyborg evo force... Complete crap - rudder stopped turning right and hat switch broke (wont work anymore at all) after maybe 6hrs of use

Tried out the aviator... Cheap, too light and input action totally imprecise (stiff and too soft, at varying angles.

The Saitek throttle quadrant ... No bad at all when it works BUT I had to take the whole thing apart and fix it cause sliding up the left slider would also increase input on the middle slider...
that shit can get annoying after a short while.

Conclusion:- their build quality is so poor and the components they use are so cheap, it almost feels like they are having a laugh at our expense. I bought the joysticks cause they
are the only company that make sticks for lefties. And I am here to tell you that I'd rather have a sore wrist then fly with a saitek joystick.

Stick with the simple and brilliant Logitek extreme 3d pro - I have had it for 4 years and its still perfect. Balanced and smooth input action, heavy base and tough. They build their stuff properly.

The Saitek products look good, and thats about all.

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