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Originally Posted by DGDobrev View Post
Didn't the warrior have a dress/regalia slot? As for the body armor, you're just unlucky. The game thrives solely on randomization and sometimes it does not pan out just the way a player wants it or needs it to be - troop-wise, enemy-wise or equipment-wise.
The randomness is one of the interesting things about replaying the game. I don't use scanners at all, it's more fun if you don't know how kind or cruel the game vendors are going to be when you first land on Verona (i have never even seen a completed set item except for one given as reward for killing Scrounger).

This current game i am playing has been cruel, no decent units available and having visited most of the islands only one or two decent items (Royal Hammer (but i think that is always there) and Magician's Cowl (Great, Great item for any class).

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