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Originally Posted by Minecontrol View Post
Ah so you can't find a scroll!?

Know what is more frustrating? Not being able to buy a scroll (except at the beginning). It's a great game and all (for me it has had a real Heroes of M&M 3 effect - that good!) but it makes no sense you can only carry ten scrolls. I mean think about it, you are walking around with five swords, four suits of armor, three shields and even a Countess! Yet you can't find the room for more than 10 pieces of paper. It makes no sense the scroll limit.

BTW, does anyone know what units can be trained into Shamans (the regular shamans with the axes)?
There are items and skills you can learn (Wisdom in the Magic Tree) that can raise your scroll limit.

I don't believe any unit can be trained into a Shaman. Sorry.

Your best bet is to get a few, and use Sacrifice to bolster your numbers. As a tip, if you have astral resistance, Sacrifice does less damage to your own units BUT you still net the full benefit!
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