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Originally Posted by Minecontrol View Post
True, i am just commenting on the strangeness of having a scroll limit in the game.

Have never used Sacrifice and don't have it on me, would it allow me to actually increase (like in recruiting) my stack in game which would last beyond the fight?
I suppose one could argue that the magical powers of holding all those scrolls together was too much for her to handle. However, that wouldnt explain how you can hold more scrolls than capacity if you find them in treasure chests

Yeah, the scroll limit is really annoying. Actually, what annoys me more is how come I can't sell the scrolls on every continent? You can only sell at castles and not every continent has a friendly castle, let alone, castle! Either add a castle everywhere so you can store reserve troops or let people buy/sell back items to any merchant.

I use the treasure digging a lot and had about 112 scrolls... out of 24 capacity! I couldn't buy Sheep or Divine Armor unless I could beat Uchhuk.

Alas, his 340 goblin shaman was going to spell trouble for my team...

Sacrifice is a bit annoying to use. You need to dominate your enemy enough so you easily do this without risking the battle.

Cast Sacrifice on your own unit (cannot be a summon) that we shall call the "Donor" unit, then a percentage of that damage is used to "Create" units to the "Beneficiary".

Ideally, it is easier to create lower level units from high level units since you can simply heal back damage. Perhaps one can try dual-stack droids?

So, you can cast Level 1 Sacrifice on a Red Dragon, dealing say 700 damage (with enough intellect). At level 1 Sacrifice, 40% of that damage is 175, so you can increase your Shaman ranks by 1. It does not round up, it rounds down.

Level 3 Sacrifice does 60% instead of 40%.

If you have the Crown of Chaos, you can RESIST that 700 damage by 50%! So your Red Dragon will only take 350 damage, but you will still get 175 points of Creation HP.

A real shame, I get a weird feeling that they made it a LOT easier to get trophies now, and the Shaman is one of the few units you can't do it so easily.

Did you use the scanner to see if there are any other Shaman?

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