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Wow, really? This devolved into whether or not doing something in the virtual world of escapism is symbolic of how they would behave in the real world? That's a fairly irrational argument. I would never fight in a war irl. Hell I disagree with current wars, but I do enjoy playing war games. It's an escape from reality as a matter of fact many studies have shown that those that play these violent games actually have fewer incidents of real life violence than those without the outlets.

It's a silly argument on a moot point. I like the idea of search and rescue missions. I don't really like a point system though, and that kind of stat tracking just tends to create undue friction in the game. I do like the idea of K/D, accuracy, and possibly assists but keeping track of arbitrarily assigned points is silly and just leads to infighting.

As far as how you conduct yourself online. Do what feels the most fun to you. If you don't like someone's play style don't play with 'em problem solved.
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