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Originally Posted by ElAurens View Post
Grunch, I'be been at this since December of 2001, I know what S! means.

I get a little put off seeing SS together in the sig of a player who also has obvious affinity towards things WW2 and German.
Yes, I assumed you would, I'd just rather not assume that someone who flies and appreciates German aircraft is a closet Nazi, that's all. I understand the concern, though.
For the record, I agree with dad would never play FPS games because they involve shooting people close up, but he'll play Il-2 for hours. It's a perspective I could never get, that shooting someone in a machine hurtling through the air is somehow "cleaner" than shooting them on foot with a rifle. That idea that the air war was chivalrous, which most veterans would disagree with I expect. Nothing chivalrous about being killed by someone you never saw.
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