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I guess there was a certain mark of respect between both sides when fighting, especially when it came to bailing out.

Being a Brit, I for one would have been enraged at the German's for what they were doing to our cities/towns...and would have done whatever it took to take them out the sky (including any dirty tactics), however, I wouldn't have shot a 'chuting' German...mainly through fear of reprisals when it was my turn to bail out!

When parachuting, one is completely's no different to shooting a man with his hands tied behind his back...there's no honour or skill involved whatsoever, and besides, who'd want to waste ammo on some poor soul who's most likely going to spend the next 3+ hours floating in the Atlantic/English Channel wondering whether anyone's coming to pick them and take them home, or pick them up and take them to a PoW camp.

Then again, it is just a, I mean simulation...simulated game, so what the heck.
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