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Originally Posted by ElAurens View Post
Grunch, I'be been at this since December of 2001, I know what S! means.

I get a little put off seeing SS together in the sig of a player who also has obvious affinity towards things WW2 and German.

Sorry for being old fashioned like that.

And I also don't appreciate being lectured by the same fellow, who thinks it's perfectly OK to fry someone in their burning virtual cockpit, but it's somehow a sign of mental disorder to "shoot" them out side their "aircraft".

Political correctness is running amok everywhere it seems.

Now, back to matters of the game.

LOL I Love you man!! You crack me up!

Check ZG52 info & rules ... see for your self ... I'm pretty sure you will apologize..

not that it is really deeded anyway cos i understand your concerns plus i keep no grudge

It is a very small read indeed ... no time waister ....

Best Regards
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