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Thanks for the heads-up and your hard work.

Any idea if the following bomber-related issues have been tackled?

-In the He111, if you apply changes to the bomb distributor (i think it's the salvo amount settings) and open the bomb bay doors, a bomb drops without command from the user.

-In the Ju88, the directional gyro was stuck to whatever position you set it (ie, it doesn't move when you turn). This makes it impossible to use the course autopilot.

-In all of the bombers, the manual bomb release command doesn't work from the bombardier's station. We either have to switch back to the pilot's seat and press the key/stick button, or zoom out of the bombsight view and click on the bomb release switch in the bombardier's virtual cockpit. This is not that big a deal in luftwaffe bombers that have automatic bombsights, but prevents Br.20 and Blenheim pilots from dropping accurately.

Finally, when lowering the texture resolution from original to something else, the aircraft textures were also getting affected in the latest beta patch.

This blurs text and makes it harder to read some of the markings on the outside of the aircraft (not so important), along with certain labels in the cockpit and also gives the blenheim ring gunsight a blocky look and the Lofte bombsight a blurred scope.

Shouldn't this be tied to the "model detail" setting and not the "texture size" setting? I can understand it working the way it did up till now if these textures really affect performance in a big way, otherwise their detail level could be tied to "model detail" or a new separate setting, for example "aircraft textures". Just an idea for the next patch if you may.

Anyway, i don't mean to detract from the positive note of one more patch fixing things for us, so i'll take any issues i find to the relevant bug reporting threads so that they may be fixed in the following one

Thanks once more, get some rest and keep up the good work. I'm off to see if it's available for download and do some testing
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