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Originally Posted by Blackdog_kt View Post
Tages is not used anymore, it was patched out a while ago.

Overall, Steam has some bad and some good points.

The things i dislike most are:
1) You can't roll back to a previous version if you don't spent GB upon GB taking backups of your games

2) The fact that it reverts to automatic updates each time i run and exit the sim and i have to manually set it back to not update (i prefer to see if there's an update first, backup my version and then enable updates to get the new one)

3) It needs to be run every single time you run your games. It should just be a distribution platform and multiplayer matchmaking service, not a mandatory executable for offline use. I know it works in offline mode and doesn't take up much resources, it still bugs me that i can't just double click on the CoD icon for some single player fun and have to go through Steam login all the time.

The good things are:
1) Their experience as a multiplayer framework, which would possibly mean in the future it will be easy to run multiple mods on different servers without having to have multiple installs of the game.

2) Their anti-cheat controls will make it easier to distinguish between valid mods and cheats.

3) Most of the annoying fluff in the steam interface can be disabled.

The requirment for running steam in the background is their anti pirating/DRM device, and its far better than any other alternative I have seen imo.
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