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Greetings to all You Are Empty-fans!

I was about to write an e-mail to Digital Spray when I saw that the site is currently down, as well as the You Are Empty official homepage.

I was playin' this game for quite a few months now. I even wrote a review about the game at, because everyone was pulling this game down. It's NOT a bad game! If you want to see EXTREMELY bad FPS games, check out Heat, Patriots: a Nation under fire, Power of Destruction, Metal, Heat of war etc. etc. There are lots of videos about these extremely horrible games at YouTube, a good friend of mine made'em (too bad he is also Hungarian, like me).

So! Just because some sucklings didn't like this game, I REALLY enjoyed it! It's still one of my favourite games, and I still play it. I liked it sooo much I was the one who wrote the Walkthrough/FAQ for the game, which you may find at several locations of the Internet (primarily IGN, because I didn't need to register to submit a FAQ).

Great game, there'z no deny in that, but the sounds (and some songs) were horrible. Sorry for this, but I just couldn't stop myself to create an unofficial sound correction pack for this game. I had lots of saved sound effects, and I also own extremely good songs (Heavy Troopers is my favourite and Tristania), so I took the liberty to create an unofficial sound correction pack to upgrade the lousy sound effects, and the bad musics (although there are some really nice tunes, like Totalitarianism Song). My newest idea is to improve this sound correction pack with some disturbing horrormovie music files, if somebody wouldn't like the songs I put in the game.

What other flukes and bugs this game has? Let's see...

- You can't sprint or run. Serious bug.

- Too much Medkits!

- Invisible walls. This is what I hate the most. Not just in You Are Empty, but almost every FPS. "We don't want you to climb that wall and that object, and that and that etc. because we'd need to design and draw extra textures and sprites, and we'd need to create more corridors, rooms, even secret places, so we put an invisible wall there." This is SO annoying, and in this game,there are lots of invisible walls, your movement is really restricted. Serious bug.

- The levels are very linear. There are no side branches, dead ends, secret areas etc. You have

been provided with the illusion that you can go almost everywhere, but you'll realize it's pure illusion. Many FPS games suffer from this disease: linear levels. Compare it with the good old Wolfenstein 3D or Doom levels! This game also has this bug, although there are SOME secret areas hidden in the game. If you spy carefully, you can locate them.

- Flames don't really hurt you most of the time.

- Your character cannot tolerate falling. If you fall from bigger heights than 1 metre, you die. Serious bug.

- That ballerina is a total joke. Take a look at his head when he dies. Yuck!

- The farmer guy in Kolhoz has extremely idiot speech.

- The chairman in City Council has distorted voice (this has been corrected in my unofficial sound pack).

- The bodies of the killed enemies are often stuck into the wall or to the ground, and struggle there. It's funny nevertheless, but really disturbing.

- The Electric gun is a pile of poo. Useless.

- Try shooting the lamps. You get funny results.

- Some doors magically close behind you. Many of the doors cannot be opened.

- Ladder climbing is a little bit hard. Always save before climbing downwards.

- The metro left the platform without its doors once. Of course I couldn't complete the level.

- The dropped weapons often stick to the ground in weird positions.

- No boss enemies.

- At the end of the game, two options are offered for you to choose. But no matter what you do, you can choose only the second one.

If these minor little bugs could be corrected, it would be a perfect game! Will there be a sequel made, or a second part? I would be most happy!
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