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Default CoD game crashes downscreen to "activity bar/field*"

Hi, I am newbie to CoD from Sweden (sorry for my not perfect english, hope You understand) and have not yet learned more than doing basic flying in Hurricane, Me 109 and Spitfire in the quickmissions. A problem destroys the experience though
The game (I have the latest version via steam update, to this date = april 4th, 2012) every time after one to two minutes "crashes" down to the bottom of my screen, the bar/field there in Windows 7. I do not know its english name * for sure. Maybe it is the "activity field"/"activity bar"?

I.e. the game behaves as if I runned the game in a windoved mode and volontary "clicked it" down to the bar so I can see/use the windows desktop. It even has it's icon there and it comes up to normal when I click on it - and then I can fly for a minute again before it repeat the same problem. It makes learning the sim quite impossible. I do not have a clue what to do to fix this? Please help me if You can.
I start the game via clicking on the Icon, the comes the steam and then after shift+tab (it does not btw respond on that commando without multiple tries). I then come to the game proper screens without problems. I have tried the game in 1920 x 1200 and several other resolutions. Now I use 1600 x 1200 for better FPS with most videooptions maxed out. I have AA to 8x, disabled the anti-Ep filter, use SSAO and VSYNC (have tried all other combinations too, I think..). The problem is the same when I try it on fullscreen, pseudo or off.
I have no problems with DCS A-10C or Rise of Flight or other programs I have.

MY PC: MSI motherboard. AMD Phenomen(tm)II x6 1100T processor. 3,3 GHz. I have two AMD Radeon HD 6900grafic cards with cross-fire. 17 GB installed memory. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. The game is installed in the standard way on my C-drive. My screen is a Samsung syncmaster with max resolution 1920 x 1200, 60 Hz. I use TM Hotas Warthog (mapped ingame for buttons and axes),Saitec Pro Combat rudderpedals and a Logitech G19 keyboard.
I have the latest driver for my graphics card says the program when I tried to update it (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc, date 2012-03-08, version: 8.951.0.0).

I just hope that someone here can give me advice what to do.
Best Regards, Michael E, Sweden
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