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Default Loss of the legacy Pilot's Head Movement in Autopilot

One of the wonderful features that TD added to IL-2 since 4.11 was being able to see where the player's head was looking at in external view. It has made the game interesting to watch the combat in external view and great for ntrks.

Unfortunately this new feature broke the old legacy feature in which we used to be able to see the pilot's head tracking the enemy when you turned on Autopilot.

(The head still moves in Autopilot, but you need to be in the cockpit view in order to move the head/view direction. And so, if you are viewing the plane from external view while in Autopilot, the pilot's head is now frozen, immovable. This is because you can't move the cockpit view direction from external view, which is tied to the pilot's head movement.)

Consequently, the dogfight action after turning on Autopilot is no longer cinematic as it was in the past. In the past, it was very enjoyable to see the player's pilot head move appropriately during dogfights. This is one of the nice features that made IL-2 stand out from all other flight simulation games. Sorry to see it go.

For future update considerations by TD, would it be possible when Autopilot is turned On, to disconnect the player's head control and give the control back to the tracking AI ? It could even be turned into an option in the conf.ini such as AutopilotHeadTrack=1, or something like that.

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