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Originally Posted by _RAAF_Smouch View Post
I skipped to the 5'30" as suggested, and what I noticed the formation used as a guide here is actually the 'Line Abreast' formation.

Can you put up a basic pic to show what you mean?
It's not that simple. The line abreast formation is as follows:

1, 2, 3, 4

with the flight leader being 1, the second section leader being 3 and their wingmen being 2 and 4, respectively.

The combat line formation is as follows:

1, 2, 4, 3

Also, if you look at the video, you'll see that the formation that appears to be a flight (4 planes) line abreast is actually two sections (2 planes) flying in line abreast as necessary, and "crossing over" when they turn or engage the enemy.

For example, following a 90 degree turn the combat line is ordered as follows:

4,3, 1,2

because planes 3 & 4 cross over the paths of planes 1 & 2.

Look at the whole video closely and it's a very nice guide to late war (1944-45) U.S.A.A.F. section and squadron tactics.

A related video called "Laws of Air Combat" does an equally nice job describing U.S.N/U.S.M.C. section tactics for Combat Air Patrol circa 1943-44.

Notice the emphasis on "bracketing" enemy planes to keep them in sight at all times, and the preference for side and high-side attacks.

Also notice that the Navy/Marines were still using a "tail end Charlie" formation where wingmen slightly trailed their section leaders. The advantages of this formation are clearly stated out in the video, just as the advantage of the combat line formation are clearly stated.

There is also some very good footage of F4F engaging drogue targets early in the film, which gives an idea of the sort of shots that rookie pilots were trained to take (i.e., not many high deflection shots).

This is exactly the sort of good information that the TD AI programmers could use, assuming they wanted to try to mess with historical tactics.

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