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Default Hi Newbie here...have some frame rate issues!


I haven't played a flight sim since F22 Lighting 3 so I'm kinda rusty and need your advice!

I built my dad a PC for Xmas, low budget, as he was just doing web and word stuff only. Recently he has got into WW2 British fighters and bombers and me, being quite an avid gamer, bought him IL2 Cliffs of Dover on STEAM for his birthday along with a force feedback joystick.

So the specs of his PC are: AMD A6-5400K APU, 8GB 1866Ghz RAM, 60GB SSD, Asus m board with integrated souncard.

We are having some issues with frame rates and micro defaulted to 1920x1080 on very low with AA off....didn't feel or look good, things slightly improved on 1280x1024 on low but could not quite to main menu for some reason...just a weird black bar appred every time I pressed Esc in top left corner so had to get task manager up to quite level...not good, went away when put back to 1080 res?

So I was thinking maybe get him a cheap used graphics card and/or maybe upgrade his 2 core A6 to a quad core a8?

My budget for this is 50 quid used what can you recommend to make his experience much better?

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