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Default FRAPS with SweetFX, issue

I'm using FRAPS ( tried 3-4 versions ) with SweetFX version: 1.5 / Boulotaur2024 Injector. + Chromatic Aberration Shader
After i launch the game, FRAPS is working, top left corner, but as soon as i press
" FLY " it's gone
SweetFX is not working at all, when fraps is opened. If i close / exit FRAPS, i can use SweetFX.
After i googled for a solution, i found out that some Windows update file causes this issue. So i deleted the file ( KB2670838 ) and everything seems to be fine, but after i close the game, FRAPS is on top-left - Google Chrome, which is very annoiyng, cause i have FRAPS all the time on the system tray
Any ideas how to fix this issue ?
Thank you
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