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Originally Posted by P-38L View Post
At the end of the readme file there is a topic I cannot understand how to use it or where to use it. It is about the Customization.ini.
I found this confusing at first. I think the customization options came out in 4.09. They are a neat addition when you get the hang of it. You can use them to remove wheel covers, or use different types of sight in the D.XXI and so on (if they've been designed into the model of course).

For example, if you look at the S.S.S aircraft in the QMB, you'll see that whichever skin you select it will have coverings over the wheels. You may want to remove the coverings, say when using winter skins. To do this you need to enter a code for the relevant skin into a customization file. Finding the code is a little fiddly at first.

In the aircraft skin folder (PaintSchemes\Skins\C.C.C) is a file called 'Customization.ini', which also has a brief explanation of how to use it. It will have an entry like this:


- The long number is a skin code. You need to add your own codes here. I've added two winter skins, so my entry now reads:


To get this working, first go to your Paintschemes\Cache folder. It probably already has many files in it, you can delete them all to make it easier. If you don't want to do that, just sort them according to date so you can check the most recent entries but it really makes it easier with a clean folder.

Next start up the QMB and select the aircraft, in this case the S.S.S / C.C.C. Go to the skin selection and pick a skin. I used the 'CCC_Standart_winter.bmp'. Start the flight (you need to actually fly for the skin entry to appear in the cache folder). Have a look with F2 and the wheel covers will be on. Now leave the game and look at the Paintschemes\Cache folder again. There will be a new folder with a long number as its name. Mine was called '-4736321700717977883' but I'm guessing it will be different for other people. If you didn't empty the cache folder, you can check the skin in the folder to make sure it's the right one. Copy this number and paste it into the customization.ini under [WheelSpatsHide] and save the file.

Now when you go back to the game, that particular skin will have no wheel covers while the others still do. Note that they will show as normal in the skin selection window, but will be gone in game.

The same applies for the other aircraft and options -

In summary, start a flight with the skin you want to customize, leave the game and check the cache folder for the folder name, and enter that under the relevant entry in the aircraft's customization.ini.
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