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Originally Posted by Marabekm View Post
Here's an idea.
But how about some way to make photo reconnaissance missions. I don't really know how/if you could do it though.
The actual mechanics of adding PR missions to the game would be easy. Adding dedicated PR variants of various planes would be harder. Getting a decent selection of flyable PR planes would be a huge task.

But, if you're willing to add hypothetical camera loadouts to combat aircraft rather than using actual PR aircraft variants, it wouldn't be that hard to add high altitude PR missions to the game.

In FMB, set a waypoint and specify PR mission. Select required altitude, speed, and direction of flight. Mission success is based on how well the player flies that course while flying straight and level and operating the camera, and whether they successfully land back at their base. If you wanted to get fancy, mission success could also be based on how much cloud cover was between the camera and the mission's target area.

In GUI, you'd have to bind a key to turn the PR camera camera on/off (and possibly gun camera, too).

For the player, a high altitude PR mission consists of flying to a specific location on the map. Once there, in order to successfully complete the mission, you must fly absolutely straight (i.e., while compensating for crosswinds) and level at a fixed altitude along a certain course, for a fixed amount of time, while operating the camera.

Optionally, players can view the results of their work as black and white still pictures of the ground taken while the camera was operating.

Low level PR missions using obliquely-mounted cameras would require entirely different mechanics. Success would be based on how long you kept a specific ground object within camera view and within a certain distance while the camera was operating.
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