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I've been off line the past month, and it has given ma a good spell of 4.13.3 testing.

My request for GunCamTracers is not necessary, veryt good job TD, shooting % is up to 3+ (some days 5%, against Average fighters), and I can see when I have hit by the Cloud of smoke from my target.
And am I seeing random belt startups, seems to be with the fighters, but AA still have tracers grouped. Flack bursts look great, and smoke from GRN targets burning is lush, and dark.

All in all, great job again TD, (Sita).

I still have every enemy fighter chasing ME, but I will be back on the IRSS server soon, lets see if I have learned to "fly fast".


I just finished playing last last few days on the AleXserver, closed pit, w externals, I am not shooting 3%, more like 0.45%. lol

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