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You may search for the files in:


There you may check for "technics.ini".

It is a text file.

Open it and search for "wagon"

You will find an entry with the following:

[Wagon19] // Antiaircraft Platform with 4xFlak38 (Germany)
Description Wagon
Icon Train
// Models
MeshSummer 3do/Trains/Platform5/Summer/hier.him
MeshSummerDamage 3do/Trains/Platform5_Dmg/Summer/hier.him
MeshWinter 3do/Trains/Platform5/Winter/hier.him
MeshWinterDamage 3do/Trains/Platform5_Dmg/Winter/hier.him
// Panzer
PanzerType Car
PanzerSubtype 4
PanzerBodyFront 0.015
Explode WagonWood

It tells you it will be firing a Flak 38, so you search for the Flak38 properties;

Description German antiaircraft gun Flak 38, 4x20mm (Vierling)
Icon antiaircraft

// Models
MeshSummer 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm/Live.him
MeshSummerDamage 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm/Dead.sim
MeshWinter 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm_W/Live.him
MeshWinterDamage 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm_W/Dead.sim
MeshDesert 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm_D/Live.him
MeshDesertDamage 3do/Artillery/Germany/Flak38_4x20mm_D/Dead.sim

// Panzer
PanzerType Artillery
PanzerSubtype 1
PanzerBodyFront 0.010

// Weapon
Gun MachineGunFlak30_20mm //MachineGunFlak38x4_20mm
NumberTrunks 4 //yt2 Multi-trunks gun
AttackMaxDistance 2000.0
AttackMaxRadius 2000.0
AttackMaxHeight 2000.0
HeadYawHalfRange 180.0
GunMinPitch -10.0
GunStdPitch 45.0
GunMaxPitch +89.5
HeadMaxYawSpeed 38.0
GunMaxPitchSpeed 36.0
DelayAfterShoot 5.0
ChainfireTime 3.5

A good solution for that problem, it is to increase the Min pitch.

Obviously this is not available on the non moded il2. Originally it was, but this group of files allowed to do heavy cheating.

If you try to play solo, it won't hurt.
The other files, like the chief files, allows you to build whatever type of columns you may want, even with ships, or build far longer trains.
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