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Coastie, the anisothing is based on the thing that if I set it to Application Controlled then it reverts to 2x every time I run IL-2, even it would be on 4x or anything else before that. Also when running application controlled the shimmering is closer to you than with forcing it to higher value with CCC. I ran on 16x and it was almost non-existent. But results may vary and we need to test more

I now changed rig to AMD Phenom II 965 BE + 790FX chipset Asus mobo added with 8Gb DDR3 in dual channel. IL-2 runs fine even there is still the blocky text. If you need something tested, just let me know and I will dig into it. I am for one very eager seeing IL-2 run fine on ATI cards and if testing helps then even better
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