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When you switch to app pref in the CCC it will revert to 2x. It has nothing to do with what the game is rendering. Try this for a comparison......

Start with a random CCC setting of lets say 4x and uncheck use app preference in the CCC. Now start game/choose a map with lots of long straight LEVEL roads/hit fly and lawn dart your plane onto a nice long stretch of level straight road(try to mark the place you crash so you can do it again in the same place). Now, using the external view, look straight down the road at ground level. NOTE HOW FAR YOU CAN SEE THE ROAD CLEARLY UNTIL IT FADES AWAY. (pick a tree or something to mark the spot).

Now close game and go back to CCC and tick use app pref in the aniso block. Also make sure you are using aniso as your mipmap filter in the conf.ini (TexMipFilter=3).

Now go back and crash your plane in the same place and compare how far you can see down the road. I am sure you will be amazed at the difference. I find that using the games aniso gives me much better results and higher fps.

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