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I think I've found an answer to the shimmering water/wriggling shoreline problems and a way to use Water=2 with both good FPS rates and good image quality.

Because I was varying so many parameters before, I was mis-interpreting the meaning and effects of each setting. I was running with Catalyst AI disabled because I'd somehow gotten the idea this causes problems but with my other graphics settings too high this gave me the incorrect impression I needed to set Water=0.

Enabling Catalys AI together with maximising all the Catalyst settings gives playable FPS on my system but the problems of shimmering water etc. remain. This is because as the graphics settings are too high, Catalyst starts scaling back the anti-aliasing etc settings in GPU-intensive scenes. The shimmering/wriggling starts when the AI throttles back the AA and you basically get no AA when the GPU load gets too high.

I've found it best to start with AI disabled and every other Catalyst setting minimised except for AA Mode which I set to 'Super Sample AA'. Super sample AA has the biggest impact on both FPS and image quality. It's the only setting that will fix the shimmering/wriggling problems completely so if image quality is important to you this is probably the best place to start.

After checking that FPS is still acceptable, you can then start upping the other Catalyst settings bearing in mind that AA is both most intensive for resources and is most important to image quality (it being the reason for enabling the GPU-hungry 'super sampling' in the first place).

At 1920x1200, my HD5870 gives (Track) AvgFPS/MinFPS (TheBlackDeath) 49/15, (Kamikaze2) 48/15 and (P39vsBf-109) 79/49 with Catalyst set as follows:

AI disabled
4xAA using 'Edge Detect' for a total of 12x samples
Super-Sample AA
'Use Application Settings' for AF
'Quality' mipmap.

...the FPS drops in BlackDeath and Kamikaze are fleeting and barely noticeable. P39vsBf-109 is problably more typical of normal operation. Max FPS is anywhere from 120 to 160.

For anyone who joined the discussion late, I'll go through all the steps again: (1) edit conf.ini, using Flanker35M's settings. (2) Drop version 9.10 of atioglxx.dll (attached on pg 1) in your Il-2 directory (3) Switch off Catalyst AI, minimise all Catalyst settings and set the AA mode to 'Super Sampling AA'. Check your FPS in 'BlackDeath' -- if it's okay, start increasing AA and AF settings in Catalyst checking FPS after each increase. If FPS is too low with 'Super Sampling' enabled, you'll need to choose between lowering the resolution, lowering the Sampling method to e.g. Multi-Sample or setting Water=0 in conf.ini.

Multi-sample AA will cause wriggling/shimmering effects on water, but if you can live with that then fine. Otherwise you can enable Catalyst AI which will ensure a decent FPS but the wriggling etc. will still pop up every now and again.

Your final nuclear option to hang on to 'perfect mode' graphics is to set Water=0 and Effects=0 in conf.ini. That way you'll still get the maximum draw distances but lose a little eye-candy. Alternatively, you can lower the draw distance and hang on to the nice graphics settings -- they're very nice indeed with all the niggles ironed out.
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