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Originally Posted by flynlion View Post
They shouldn't rip off, they're designed to take the stress of landing LoL. But in a real plane you might damage other things like gear doors and retract mechanicals etc, which is why planes that have exposed wheel machinery usually have a much higher gear extension speed then those with slick "covered up" wells.
Right the gear will eventually break if you fly too fast with gear down, you might be able to land on it, but probably not raise it. Doesn't seem to do that in BOP though

It's interesting that they've used pressure sensitivity to set a guns/cannons choice, but I don't notice it in aviator layout, which makes it useless for me

If they'd only done one thing in the patch, it should be the score fix, unfortunately they didn't get it right. Fixed would be -5 points for a death. Any pilot who will ditch 5 planes to get one kill would be court-martialed and shipped off to infantry to serve in a punishment battalion somewhere.
It's the biggest reason why online combat is so fake, just like most first-person shooters.

Sure, if deaths were -5 points, everyone would end up with 0 points. Well then everybody loses and they deserve it. People would wise up and try to stay alive instead of flying around in circles in a line.
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