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Originally Posted by BOBC View Post
Accurate sim or arcade game as someone said, the choice is Oleg's. There is eye candy and there is historical accuracy. Look beyond the stunning 'skins' to the basic structure, should it be right ? Should it look like the item photoed in 1940 ?
Does the Do17Z have its asymetrical glazing, does the Ju88 have BoB period wingtips or later war, does the Defiant have just two brownings. Should the sim aim to get basic details correct, and modify whats done if errors are spotted ?
I think it is unfair to present any deviation whatsoever from 100% accuracy as demoting BOB from 'accurate sim' down to 'arcade game'. I completely understand and share the desire expressed here to have a simulator that is as accurate as possible and I am somewhat in awe of the level of knowledge of many of the contributors to these forums.

However COMPLETE accuracy in a complex, historically-based game/sim like BOB will be an elusive or impossible task to achieve. Designing a 'simulator' involves compromises. The realistic aim, I think, is not to achieve a one to one, direct reproduction of every facet of the external world, but to 'simulate' to an acceptable degree enough features of that world to give an impression of reality.

This is more obviously the case with the map and terrain - there is no way that anything more than a rough approximation of 1940 England can be created.

For the aircraft models it is somewhat different and I agree every effort should be made to achieve as near to 100% accuracy here as possible. Where there is adequately documented reason for changes I believe the developers should listen and try to implement them, BUT...

Originally Posted by BOBC View Post
Bottom line is, are notable differences to be pointed out to allow for correction, or is a forum simply for responses like 'looks good'...'fab' etc. Its all down to whether the developer has amassed the knowledge base required and is self sufficient with enough experts to ensure the sim meets a certain pre-set standard, the forum simply being a one way advert, or if they seek to find notable changes to be made, observations on errors and so on.
...I fear that it may be too late in the development cycle now to implement significant changes to the aircraft models. Financial and economic realities may necessitate compromise on the goal of 'complete' accuracy.

We may have to reconcile ourselves to the likelihood of the sim not being 'perfect', but in my opinion this was never a realistic expectation. SOW has been so long in preparation that it has been possible for everyone to build their fantasies and expectations of what it will be so highly that the reality is almost guaranteed to disappoint.

Originally Posted by BOBC View Post
Perhaps its source code can be tweaked after its release by users for them to make corrections, as was Rowans BoB.
Possibly, or more likely by the developers if a good enough case can be made to them?

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