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One could look at the case for correcting perceived important changes this way.
Compromising the finish date, though it does seem to be somewhat fluid, with perhaps just fixes for major observations anyone makes, needs to be balanced against the importance of those changes versus the addition of a vehicle or extra piece of ground equipment or even a bush type which may well not be missed if it wasn't there. If someone is about to be spending hours creating a schwimmwagen would it not be better to forget the vehicle and spend that time fixing something that will then provide a more accurate or well known appearance to something that many will be looking at for most of their sim experience. Would it be good to sacrifice the example of a schwimmwagen for a pair of Supermarine marked single tier rudder pedals, two fuel gauges and a large clock, three distinctive Mk 1 cockpit items ?

Have the initial release able to declare with pride that it provides a Mk1 cockpit, then let the post release work on upgrades be on things like a schwimmwagen. Get the important things right. I would think a Mk1 spit cockpit is quite important versus one more item that helps populate a scene. Temporary becomes permanent, there is a danger that once released the developers don't then set about fixing errors, they remain with us.

Has Oleg and team in the past acted upon observations made in this forum; does someone filter out worthy facts from it and forward them to him and the team or is it that he has to read threads himself ? Thread reading can be quite time consuming and I just wondered if this happens given that he must be very busy with development. Is he open to feedback ?

The procedure for flying a Mk1 spitfire I presume is also being put forward in the sim as accurate, so how that would be written if its lacking the second fuel tank readout and control levers to switch tanks, the flying procedure if going to the detail of fuel control as done in other sims would find it awkward to do so ? The fuel gauges are more a part of the way the spit is flown than a clock or rudder pedal.
The ability to withstand G forces was increased with the introduction of the two tier pedals, raising feet up bent the legs and lessened blood flow to the legs, so Olegs BoB pilots have an advantage over the real BoB pilots if the raised pedals are written for in the code. Thus a non historical advantage over the Luftwaffe.

How to land the spit in the dark ?..BoB spits had a landing lamp but this cockpit lacks the dashboard switch and lower/swivel control, so unlike the real thing, we cant go landing back after dark.

The flying accuracy no doubt will get compared to existing BoB sims by those that are interested in how it flies.

Looking at a revi gunsight its been created right down to the three screws on the side knob, gives the impression this sim is 'top drawer', gets me excited...the developers are about to market a stunnigly accurate item, then its possible to spot fundamental errors and my bubble is burst...and I wonder why the attention to fine detail when the more basic stuff has faults ? Example..I had in a previous email many months ago mentioned that the gun troughs on the 109E had the back ends looking like those on a G...having an 'eyelid' over the gun port. I also see the MG17's sit in yellow tubes that protrude out through the gun ports. That was never the case. The emil gun ports were a slanting elipse shape with the edge of the ferrous trough running around their aft edge. This is clear to see in hundreds of photos and all kit models of the type. The Emil cowling is crucial to its looks. I also see that it has wheel hubs for an F or G, being filled in with a series of indentations around the edge. Again the look of the E requires the earlier spoked/hollowed out black wheel hubs, its a well known characteristic, yet attention is going into a loudspeaker attached to a hanger ? Any 109E student will point out these errors. Enough have made E's as kits in their lifetime, if they are into the BoB.

I just find it hard to equate all the fine artwork with some real bloopers I am seeing. RAF parachute harness was a cream webbing strap like the Luftwaffe one, only difference a single strand of colour stitching down the middle. Olegs team have instead a cream strap with what can best be described as a brownish green railway line running down it , the rails being near the strap edge. Each rail is further detailed with a lighter centre. Between the rails is a heavily patterned/textured cream area...looks most odd and is a lot of work compared to the single colour cream strap, perhaps finished off with a subtle texture and a central dk grey/red thread. Just what they were looking at to do this I dont know, a lot of extra work for nothing. Parachute straps are easy enough to find in books and on the web. We are going to be seeing this silly looking harness in all cockpits, I personally would like to see such basics researched more and less time on the shape of a tannoy, the data is easily to hand. They also have this on the Luft figure..double the error !
Luftwaffe kapok mae west is another example, unless its a work in progress, any BoB pics will show it was sausages all round, not just at the front, that type came in late October 1940. Rarely seen...but will be seen a lot in this sim. Luftwaffe unifom I see is a light silvery grey, far from reality, it should be similar to the RAF but a bit more grey. We will see loads of these. I do feel they need to focus on basics and not minor scene details. I am only pointing out large fundamental features that hit me immediately without studying in detail. Any modeller will spot the hub, Luft tunic colour, G ports, perhaps less the harnesses and kapok. There are loads of features going into this sim that a user wouldnt know about but expects to have been researched and reproduced fairly accurately.

Should it be basics corrected, or another 1940 car type on the road ? I leave the choice to forum readers.


P.S Jocko417 I saw wartime footage this weekend and the BoB spits had no stiffening strakes. I couldnt see the serial numbers though.

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