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Well I just got back from Duxford and had quite a chat with a couple of the restoration guys there.

They are working on 3 Spits including a MkI and found it quite incredible anyone thinks there's a "standard" MkI pit.

I asked how they referenced the cockpit for the MkI and what its history was,

"It was one of the first 300 hundred produced and eventually went to an OTU where it was finally upgraded to MKV specification".

"There never was a typical MkI cockpit as there were too many modifications made at squadron level and constant improvement made during production, we have never found any early pits to be the same all are different to a certain degree".

"It would be quite silly to actually say "This is the standard MkI pit layout" it's impossible to be that precise".

I agreed but wanted to hear more, unfortunately I was in a restricted part of the hangar and the conversion ended as my camera started to level at some Spit parts on the work bench


I was more interested in the HE111 they have there, and managed a really nice close walk round with another restoration fella, the main spars are useless and need replacing but with so many parts needed its become too expensive to restore.

As its a Spitfire thread here's one you wont see like this that often.


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