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Default AI radio comms system

does anyone have a clue about how is going to be like the AI comms interface in COD?
Is it going to be similar to Il-2?

I am a 50-50% online offline player and I like too use programs like SHOOT or VAC to manage all the comms with the AI.

If I knew it is similar to the one in Il-2 I could use (kill) some of the waiting time getting my profiles uo to date. I have a very detailed one for shoot, but I still need to build the one for VAC, sind VAC works better than shoot on windows7x64 (at least my shoot and my VAC).

This is a little OF but, is there a place where I can find a detailed and complete list of the AI radio commands for Il.2? I looked in the manual and I could not find one.

Thank you.
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