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Default Your favourite aircraft in Cliffs of Dover?

Just curious to know who likes what aircraft.

I've always been a 109 guy...since a child I've loved that plane, but I tell you what, that Spitfire is one sweet bird. (All versions) I get a real buzz out of flying it, maybe more than the 109 actually.
I didn't really like the Spits in the older series, but now I really have a new-found respect for the plane.
Maybe the cem has a lot to do with it...I can get a better feel for the aircraft as opposed to the older game.

The 110 is also impressing me, I love the way those big 'ol engines seem to spool up (I can't think of a better term) when you increase the revs. Lovely bird, and quite capable as well...

Last but not least, I have a soft spot for the Br.20. It's slow, takes an age to warm up those engines and it just seems underpowered, but I love it's quirkiness. Everyone has a 'crap' plane that they like, and this is mine.

PS-please no complaints about the cem or fm...we know the score by now. Just let's take each plane as is for now.
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