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Thanks for the info luthier!

About time to get a community manager to babysit this nuthouse. I'd also appereciate if mods would keep the trolls in bay by just deleting the posts, because it gets ridiculous reading the same whines and rants for almost two months in a row.

We all know that loads of stuff needs to be added and fixed and we'll possibly even get someone to keep us up-to-date about the progress. But for f*cks sake STFU already on the "It wasn't a finished product, have shelved it, feel cheated, not enough fun, want money back, big stutters" -threads and posts!!!11one

It's yesterday's news! Everyone knows them after 30498309 repeats and everything useful is buried under whiners rants and even decent threads go under because of it. Just make a sticky of acknowledging the issues and ban everyone crying after their loss of faith in humanity because of CloD. And then simply ban everyone for not voicing the issues in a constructive manner!

This is my rant on rants and will prolly get me in trouble, but my cry-whine detector exploded and I couldn't help it. My hat goes off to rest of you who try to keep a civil discussion with the trolls and other whinos without resorting to name calling.
But I think they're a bunch of whining maggots that should crawl under their blankets and continue their cries there, as I don't think another 8 weeks of it here @ 1c forum will be enough to dry your eyes. We all know you're upset, enough already!
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