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Originally Posted by Langnasen View Post
Don't be arrogant enough to think I give a rats arse what you think mate, you or any of the other obsequious haters around here. All I give a damn about is seeing this game run 100%.
Hater? that's rich. And if you don't care, why responsd?
I know you 'apparently' want to see this game run 100%. You've said it 100 times, and that's in the space of a week or so.
But if you really care so much then spend your-time bugfixing and supplying the team with useful information, other than posts which you 'think' will spur luthier to make an announcement which causes him to stop work on the sim to write a statement on what they plan to do with it...

But logic was never your strong point. Don't get me wrong, I can see what you're intending to do, but you're trolling your way around as though your views are the views to end all views. And I'm not arrogant to think that you care, just considerate in understanding your view, when you are clearly someone who is conceited and unrelenting in moaning (un-constructively).
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