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Smile 'The Tigermoth'

Originally Posted by Freycinet View Post
Tried the first tiger moth mission, and I just found myself in an airfield with a slowly rotating plane... - I have turned the text windows off, do I need them enabled? Will there be some sorts of instructions? - Damn', I don't even think I know how to turn the text window on again!
I really liked your Stuka video Freycinet, keep up the good work.

When I made this Tigermoth mission, I tryed to get the 'surface wind' working in the FMB. This is what is skewing your Tigermoth around (I think?). Just get it started quickly, and start taxying. This mission is really just a familiarization flight. The real Tigermoth (which has been faithfully modelled by Oleg) is a wonderful aircraft to fly and thankfully we have a lot of them still flying in Australia (OZ).


PS Don't worry about the text window, it is still not working properly in the FMB.
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