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Originally Posted by Skoshi Tiger View Post
Better than any other WWII combat flight sim out there at the moment, but with some annoying issues that will hopefully be resolved before too long.

What are the criteria to base our judgements on?

Welll here's mine:

FMs 60(generally working fine but need to fix half-wing flying etc and too many FMs allegedly off-target. And were are my Rotol Spits?)
DMs 70 (ok for me but I understand there are some strange issues like trees and bushed as damaged a/c parts).
Sound 40 (Naff sounds and the sound bug)
Graphics 70 (includes in-game settings, high potential but disappointed with results from my GTX570 and hoping optimisation will improve it past generally 'High' with medium buildings, no SSAO, forest or shadows and a few other bits in settings for me)
FMB 60 (Basic missions easy enough but struggling without documentation especially on Scripting)
Campaign 60 (came with game, its ok but not very stimulating and the reported Text results ("you crashed you first spitfire" etc. ) don't agree with actual achievents (I didn't crash my first spitfire)
GUI 80 (its not bad)
Info windows 90 (could be a bit more flexible on content and could use more info like Tail numbers in Stats listing)
Multiplayer 60 (based on CoD-ability limiting server providers options and therefore servers and players and the lack of a MMP aspect which I believe should have been a priority for CoD)
(60+70+40+70+60+60+80+90+60)/9 = 65.555--->>> voted 70 (just)

Which is actually what I estimated from my gut feeling about the game.
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