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Type of improvement: Modified Spawn system for human pilots and an option for AI pilots in the Full Mission Builder.

Explaination of Proposals: Rather than spawning people in aircraft, have them spawn near or inside (If possible) an airfields barracks. You would then control your aviator and be able to walk a static aircraft that you spawned on the spawn preselection screen (Location, loadout, paint scheme, etcetera) and you would be able to hop into the aircraft or any other static aircraft already (Like if a mission builder had put some static aircraft that would get default loadout except bombers which would get a historical loadout and respawn after a set amount of time) be able to take the position of another crew member. This would also allow people to go to flak guns as they please and leave if they want. Also, if a pilot bailed out overground, that person could either respawn upon contact with the ground or find something else to do (like stealing an enemy fighter ). This barracks would also be a moveable spawn point such that if we ever get drivable vehiciles, we can spawn in the front lines.

Benefits: A totally new layer of immersion that can be opted out if you don't want to but I would find this quite interesting to have if possible and thanks for your commitment to the game.