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Downloading the Demo of the game to try out.

Will the Final Retail Release of the game have:

- Horn in the game (SP and MP) ?

- Spilt Screen Support on PC (Windows or Linux) ?

- OpenGL API support on PC (Windows or Linux) ?

- Will the game work on Windows 2000 PRO Operating System ?

- Will their be a Linux and Mac edition of the game ?

- Will the game need PixelShader 2 and above ?

- Will the game have LAN Multiplayer support ?

- Will the game have LAN Multiplayer with EIGHT
or MORE players ?

- Will the game have text chat in LAN Multiplayer ?

- Will the game have a Server browser with PING in the listing
and Bookmark servers choice so you dont have to re list the
entire worlds servers just play the bookmarked ones?

- Will their be a FREE seperate StandAlone Dedicated Server
program for LAN Party Admins/Server Admins/Clans to host
their own game server ?

- Will the game have the function to choose to disable
Reflections , Bloom , Blur ?

- Will you be able to choose when installing the game
NOT to install MUSIC onto the hard drive ?

- Will there be an option to disable playing MUSIC
instead of just setting the volume to zero ?

- Will there be an option to SPAWN install the game
onto another PC using ONE Disc ?
Spawn install method was with NFS2SE and Diablo1
you installed the game off a persons disk
no serial needed, online didnt work , single player didnt work
you only could join a server crated on the LAN by a person
using a disc . Great way to try the game and if you liked
it bought your own copy on disc .

- Will the game be coming out on consoles as well as PC ?

- Will the game come out on PC first ?

- If its coming out on consoles will it be on
PS2 and Wii ?

- If its out on console and PC will PS2 and PC
be able to cross platform play ?

- On the PC will it work with a large range of joypad
and steering wheels without needing a patch ?
Please dont limit the game on the PC to only using
MS xbox360 controller on the PC

- Will the game on PC come out at the same EXTACT
time around the world or will it have different months/dates
that the game comes out in Asia , AU/NZ , Euro , UK , USA ?

- Will you be able to buy the game online via digital download
(not steam) cheaper then buying in a retail store with a disc
and without IGA

- Will the game on PC (Windows) have IGA ?
(In Game Ads)

- If the game does have IGA then will it LOWER the
Retail cost of the game ? No point using IGA if its
going to keep it at a high common retail price .

- Will the PC edition (Windows/Linux) work on the
Asus EEE 1000 with the new Intel Atom CPU ?
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