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Ofc it is possible, but question is how to do it (players have been modding this game for 5 years now and implementing bunch of things in it)
OK seriously now :
1) every unit in game several files defining how it works. Expl
- footman.atom is swordman file with basic info about unit , race, level, gold cost, leadership, att/def/speed/dmg and such, and also there are info about animations, unit model and links to other files this unit have something to do with.
- eng_units.lng is file with description about unit stats (little windows opening when you place pointer over unit in game) : resistance types, dmg type, what is attack and defense... Also here are listed all races and units in game
- eng_units_features.lng is files with data on all units passive abilities (for footman it`s : armored , cautious , favorite enemy, fighting spirit.
- eng_unit_specials.lng is file with data on all units active in battle talents (for our expl footman here have smashing blow)
- addon_special_attacks.lua , addon_unit_features.lua , special_attacks.lua , unit_features are all files on how all units abilities work in/out of battle smashing blow mechanics, but also here are mechanics for goblin shaman recruiting passive, or any other thing that change your/enemy army in any way : royal griffin regal, magic shield from archmage...
- in interface textures folder are all png files for units/items...
- moral.txt is about race/race race/unit and unit/unit moral relations (expl royal griffins +1 moral to all humans, giant =2 to green dragon ... )
- special_params.txt is about some skill/item bonus to unit/race (knightly boots or sword to all human melee units , or quick draw for all archer units ...)

2) I think i listed all files that have anything to do with units in game, after that is grinding job of transferring all data for some unit from red sands mod files, into other location (it`s hell of job, i tried before to move champion unit from adventure mod for AP into CW and my try ended in flames) , but i wish you luck in your attempt
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