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Thanks! That was pretty much what I was hoping for.

I spent about 9 hours yesterday trying to get the units into the campaign(I did mention that my coding skills were limited). That's when it occurred to me that instead of adding all the Red Sands stuff to the campaign, I should just be adding the campaign to the Red Sands stuff. 1.5 hours later and it appears to be mostly working.

The Champion of the Arena campaign is working with the Red Sands units, unit abilities, items, and seemingly troop exp as well. I haven't yet played enough battles to verify troops can actually level up, but it's looking good so far. There's also a bug that appeared during the last couple files I moved that caused spells/abilities to do 0 damage and instakill anything, but I've narrowed that down to the last 40 files and should have it cornered soon. The folder is completely bloated since I didn't remove any of the normal Red Sands campaign files, but the end result works

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Knowing which files affected the various game mechanics allowed me to figure out enough of the coding to get this far.
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