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Originally Posted by JM_Fernandez View Post
How come nobody talks about the virus the antivirus detects on this fix???
That question could be followed with...
How come nobody reads the readme included in the archive?

Extracted from CloDer_Readme.txt
It is possible that your Anti-Virus might go postal and kill "CloDer.exe" and/or "CloDer.dll", you can ignore this (perhaps add "CloDer.exe" and "CloDer.dll" to the white-list).
Please see:

Hooking is used for many purposes, including debugging and extending functionality. Examples might include intercepting keyboard or mouse event messages before they reach an application, or intercepting operating system calls in order to monitor behavior or modify the function of an application or other component.
Hooking can also be used by malicious code. For example, rootkits, pieces of software that try to make themselves invisible by faking the output of API calls that would otherwise reveal their existence, often use hooking techniques.
For further clarification:
CloDer uses the better part of API Hooking, thus meaning it extends (or rather fixes) the code within CloD, in order to make it work under Windows 8.

Unfortunately, the hooking library used is freeware (the fix is freeware and therefore I will not spend money on a commercial product, nor do I have the time to make my own library) and thus has been used for malicious code in the past, this is why your anti-virus product goes mental.

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