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I tried going up the right side like they recommend. There is a way to go past the German lines on the right if your careful without killing anyone. There is usually a heavy machine gun that is left open leaving a large gap in the line. If you sneak down to that small pond and sneak up to a downed tree on the left side of the pond there is a gap in the German line straight ahead I tried it this way many time with success but ultimately suffering from an early alarm and suffering on the second part and running out of reinforcements.
I finally did better on this first part by going up the left side. Go all the way left and shoot out the search light on the far left side. I used the sniper and put all the dynamite in his inventory or all that I could except for 4 of them. I went up the left side sneaking my way up to the base planting dynamite where I could and mining the tanks in the base and on the roads around the base. I believe the key is to plant dynamite in the guns where you can and rocket launcher in the base and on the left hill. Uproot the German mines on the road and use the tank mines to your advantage. It really helps also to sabotage the Rocket Launchers and some key field guns and the mobile artillery. I planted the remaining dynamite on the hill on the right side in the guns that I could.
In the second part I attacked the left side trenches with a tank and a armored car with the two machine guns (excellent killer but stay away for field guns and artillery). Then I took the middle and got hold of the large artillery piece and used it to attack the left side and move up. The AI troops actually took the right side by themselves with I believe one bombing run from me. It may be my imagination but it seemed that as you made small advances or destroyed Germans with your troops or captured artillery you were more supported by the AI troops or so it seemed. Using the captured large artillery really helped support the AI troops. Oh on the first part don't worry about eventually setting off the alarm or making it to the top of the road with all your troops as long as you do enough sabotage is what really counts. I only used two soldiers for the entire mission.
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