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my idea is that there should a new inventory mechanism, for example you equip your lone soldier with 10 med kits, 1 smg, 300 rounds, 4 ap granedes and 4 normal ones, now he is ready for battle. after some time when you wish to rearm him and his comrades, instead of selecting each and then going to a dead body or crate, consider if you could just click save inventory when he was carrying full equipment, then when you want him to replenish you click replenish and the select and area, your man will automatically go to that area and search for what he needs within it's boundries, he will only take a specific item if he has less than the saved amount, and he will only search within the area specified, when finishe he returns to his original position. so you didnt have to click though 10 bodies and 5 crates (some of which you have already looted). a feature like that will cut my mission time by atleast 30min. the same could be applied to tanks, some of the crew will exit go and fetch the right munitions and even feul from nearby disabled enemy tanks. with a saved inventory they will only carry he specified amount so there is enough left to go around. the specific area to loot from will mean your men will not venture into dangerous ground in search of suplies. and you will use the slow time feature less often as it reduces game enjoyment.
Agree, although I think that we should keep the manual inventory search (ofc) and add a graphic (like the circle used for terrain editing) to specify the area in which to search, so you don't have men walking right in front of a MG nest to scavenge off a guy who was killed by it
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