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Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
Drop tanks were used when/where necessary, for example, in the Northern Fleet and the Baltic Fleet aviation units (I-16, P-39, P-40, Yak-1, LaGG-3).
Oh, yes, of course! I forgot I-16 (I recall to have seen some photo) and lend-lease (having presumably their original drop tanks). Didn't know about Yak-1 and LaGG-3.

I recall drop tanks mentioned on Yak-9 in Black Sea.
Curious, given the already long range of the Yak-9, not to mention the availability of the Yak-9DD.

Can not remember anything about their usage on La-5 and La-7.
Funny! Almost the sole having drop tanks in game!

Thank you very much for your exhaustive reply!
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