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Talking [Angels] Squad recruiting

The Angels Squad are looking to create a place where WW2 Combat Simulation enthusiasts can come together to participate and host public and private simulation events.

More than that – the squad seeks to establish a truly fair and just squadron structure so that all members need not fear the croneyism and corruption that inevitably takes root in more structured and militaristic squadrons.

Angels will be just WW2 combat simulation enthusiasts treated equally and free to discuss whatever they wish with their fellow members in a welcoming and tolerant atmosphere.

The guiding principles of the squad are the following:

Honesty - Do not cheat, hack, lie.
Integrity - Behave in a just and humane manner. Be forthright and without cowardice.
Tolerance - Hate in any form is not tolerated. While you may disagree with other opinions do so in a gentlemanly manner. You may discuss anything without the fear of censure. If you are not capable of critical thinking or of an open mind this squad is not for you.
Teamwork - Work with your squaddies in an unselfish manner.
Training - Members are expected to attend regular and intensive training working through established and proven training material.
Professionalism - A professional attitude in members is expected. Stay informed on squad events by regularly checking in.
Shared Responsibility - To prevent cronyism and remove the risk of poor leadership affecting the longevity and integrity of a squad staff positions are rotated through full members every six months. Staff positions are administrative only - being responsible for the 'paperwork' that keeps the squad running. Staff positions hold no authority and staff members hold an equal status to all other full members.

The [Angels] squad looks to establish a legacy and reputation for excellence in WW2 Air Combat Simulations.

The squad structure is complete and in place - Colocated servers at a data centre, website, forums, 100 player teamspeak server and training material. The squad will also be launching an invite only tournament in the near future.

If you are looking for a squad that will provide you with all the positives of squad membership with none of the negatives please drop by the site at
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