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Although I did not play any of the other truck games, like the Kings of the road or 18 Wheels of steel, this game Rig 'n Roll is good for me.

I love the game, and played it in different levels and won the global award every time. The quickest was in Novice in less than 1 game month.

In Trucker it happend 1 week later, but in Exdpert mode, my oh my, almost 2 full months!

Apart of a few minor errors which you can skip if you know how, this game is GOOD.

Thanks 1C !

Originally Posted by Teufelshunde View Post
I'm not sure about that. I also have German Truck Simulator, and with the graphics turned up all the way, it's not bad. The graphics in this one are pretty good, but as far as from a truckers actual point of view, it's completely inaccurate. I'm a trucker, and they lack realistic everything. Speed limits (55, moving to 65 sometime), weigh stations (there are NONE, when they have over 15 in California alone), Local Roadways (such as LA, San Fransisco, Reno, etc) are missing, a lot of highways are completely blocked off, and honestly, as a trucker, the state of California sucks. They need to allow us to leave, much farther east than just Reno! Also, at least throw Las Vegas, NV in there! They have billboards all over for it, but we can't go there? We should be able to take a break and gamble too.

Also, one odd fact about this game.... I don't understand why we have trucks with sleepers but can't sleep in them, we have to hit up a hotel, Why????
I drove truck almost 11 years straight. At 1st it's nice and adventures to sleep in the truck cabin, but after a time you get so fed-up with your own "sleeping quarters" that you want to get out more.

For the game this is supposed to accelerate the time, but also, if u do not work through the night, your competitors are!

They advance quickly and leave u behind. Do it many times with a lot of drivers working for you, and you cannot win the award.

The motto of the story? DO NOT SLEEP!

Happy racing and working your butt off!

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