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That's not answering Teufelshunde's question as he put it. He wants to know why you have to sleep in the hotel, and not the sleeper. For this, there is no answer, except that the Dev's decided not to allow that function/capability. I found this to be silly myself.

In the game, there are curtain times that you must sleep in order to meet some people in the Story-Line that you may have arrived too early to meet, but yet not enough time to do a Side Mission, or take a load. Only the Story-Line will advance with you as you sleep. Not so with your competitors. They will freeze as you sleep, along with your workers.

You gave an opinion of sleeping in a the cab. Others may differ from yours. I in-fact enjoyed my sleeper. I had a home made mattress 8 inches thick, TV, Stereo, fridge, coffee maker, etc. All the basic comforts I needed.
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