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Originally Posted by Nfelli64 View Post
You mean THIS enemy right?
Yeah, that's the one.

Originally Posted by Nfelli64
I new enemy is in game!
And yes, it is indeed the OfficerZombi riding the Jailer
Cool. That's both funny and horrific when you think about it... the Officer asserts his "rank" over the Servant by riding him like a donkey. Domination. I'm thinking that the OfficerZombi may have originally been difficult to kill in the game (especially if he was wielding a DP light machine gun) and therefore it's possible that he overshadowed the big akimbo-PPSh41 dude (I'd still like to know what that thing is officially called and what its background is.) So that might be another reason why the OfficerZombi wasn't used in the game... but I could be wrong.

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