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Originally Posted by FG28_Kodiak View Post
You can use SayToGroup
void SayToGroup( group, string msg)
msg is the filename without ogg. (blue in de folder, red in gb folder) Different Aircrafts uses different voices (Actor1..4)

In my example the 'pilot' from Aircraft 0:BoB_LW_JG26_I.000 says "one mile" "Cargo Ships" "Destroy targets left to right" "Attack" (in German) to his group (for testing after ca.10sec, you can use triggers etc. also).

Thanks Kodiak.

I'm still struggling with scripts and I don't know all the methods, objects etc although some, like script examples, are scattered across the web. Ataros has some links in his sig but many are translated German and leave me headscratching.

Am I right in thinking that Group identifier is from a FMB Group as listed in FMB's "View Mission Objects" or is it a player ID taking the Group identifier from the Squadron or JG that the player selected in-game?

As you can see I don't know how to identify all these things. I'm currently trying to work out how to send audible messages to All, Reds or Blues and possibly other groupings.

Actually it would be nice to have a Scripting Library sub-forum with a stickied Scripting Library where modules could be posted with a brief description of what they do so that laymen like me could cut and paste/minor-edit their missions, a stickied Scripting Requests thread and unstickied threads for discussion to keep the stickies clean. I think I'll put up a post about it.
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